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Arghakhanchi OPC Cement comes with a strength of 53 MPa and hence, the structures built by using this cement stand stronger and durable. The strength and quality of Arghakhanchi OPC cement is way higher than OPC cement of any other Nepali cement manufacturers.


ACL initiated the production of PPC cement from the month of Jestha, 2076 BS by using a separate production line. This latest product was brought into the market to address the spontaneous demand of our esteemed customers. With the production of PPC cement, ACL has become a full-fledged cement company that produces clinker, OPC, and PPC cement.



The manufacturing process of Arghakhanchi Cement begins all the way from Palpa, where the limestone quarry is located. The extraction of limestone becomes the very first step of cement production.


In this very first step, the company gives utmost priority towards the selection of high-quality limestone to ensure the best quality of its products. The extracted raw material (limestone) is then carried by tripper trucks to the manufacturing unit of the company based in Siyari Rural Municipality-2, Rupandehi.

Inside the manufacturing plant, the limestone undergoes a crushing process whereby the raw material gets reduced up to 70 mm size from the initial 1-meter size. Then, the crushed limestone goes through a stacking process. Once having been stacked, the material gets reclaimed by the reclaimer machine for homonizing process.


Now, the limestone is sent to the hopper with the use of a belt. Other additives needed for cement production like clay, bauxite, and iron ore are also collected in separate hoppers through different belts. All these raw materials are then mixed through fully computerized technology. The process is fully automated and no manual intervention happens in measuring the portion of each raw material. This entire process is guided and controlled by a sophisticated robotic lab set by the company.


Now, the mixed raw materials move towards the grinding process which is carried out by vertical roller mill (VRM), one of the most ultra-modern technologies in the cement manufacturing. The raw materials then get converted into tiny particles which are filled inside silo. For further homonizing, the particles undergoes aeration process. Following this, the tiny particles go along pre-heating process of up to 250 degree Celsius and is again heated under 1,400 degree Celsius temperature to finally turn into clinker. The clinkerization happens by the use of rotary kiln technology. This way, the clinker is finally manufactured and stored.


After the manufacturing of clinker, the process of cement production starts. In this phase, necessary amount of clinker is sent to hopper which guides the material towards the cement manufacturing process.


ACL produces two kinds of cement—OPC and PPC. However, as something new and innovative in the entire cement industry of the country, the company produces these two kinds of cement through two separate production lines.


As mentioned above, the clinker along with gypsum (4-5 percent) are sent to different hoppers to be mixed through fully computerized technology. In the entire process of mixing and production, the company continuously tests and monitors the quality of its products using automatic technique. When the mixed materials undergo grinding machine, they turn into OPC Cement.


Whereas for the PPC cement, fly ash is stored in a separate silo. The same fly ash is mixed with the clinker and gypsum to become PPC cement.


After being produced, the OPC and PPC cement goes to auto-roto packing machine for packaging. The company has two auto-roto packers in different buildings, each exclusively for OPC and PPC cement.

These cement packs are never stored in the factory, instead loaded right away in the trucks for delivery in the market. This non-storage as well as instant delivery mechanism of the company keeps the quality and strength of the products higher and lasting.


Apart from packed cement, ACL also provides bulk cement for different projects as well as ready-mix plants. For this, the company is well-equipped with bulk cement loading system. The company also has more than half a dozen of bulkers (truck to carry bulk cement) which ensure smooth supply of Arghakhanchi Cement across the country.